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In the present time, you must be well aware of the concept of OPE or Open Book Exam. It is a system of examination in which the student is allowed to refer to either class notes or the summaries or other approved materials while answering the questions. It is a unique concept in which question papers are served to the students while they sit for the formal examination or they can complete it as a take-home exam. The demand of these types of exams is gradually increasing and many universities have already adopted this system. Delhi University has already tried this mode of examination.

Why do the institutes conduct these types of exams?

open book examThe main motive of this examination is to remove the concept of rote learning so that more superficial knowledge of learning can be introduced to the students. Another reason of applying this mode of examination is to check the analytical thinking policy of the students. It is one of the best ways to access the students. It is through this examination that you can check the thinking ability of the student.

In the case of normal examinations the students lose the ability to think and apply the same. They learn all the chapters by heart and vomit the same in the examination center. Through this mode, you cannot check the quality of the student. It is believed by many that Open Book Exam will not be an easy one. The student has to learn all the chapters with full attention so that they can answer from any part.

Many students are thinking that they will get the answers from the book which will help to write it down. However, in reality the examination will be a tough one. It will require good skills and knowledge.

A complete overview on Open Book Exam:

You must have a clear idea about the concept of open book exam. It is of two types. The first mode of open book exam is to sit down and access all the reference books and texts to get the answer. The second mode of exam is to take to your home the open book exam sheets and do the same at home. You have attempt the answers without any one help. If it is found that you have taken anything wrong the paper will be cancelled.

The questions available in an open book exam are more of analytical and critical mode. You have to logically think and answer the questions. The questions must be framed in such a manner so that it can be easily extracted from the book or any other documents. You have to do extensive research work and find the exact answer. If a student copies from the book it will be easily held.

Thus, the concept of open book examination is a good one which must be applied by all the educational institutes. Mere learning and appearing for the exam is not right. You need to have a proper and clear concept of the chapters and subjects.

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