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In the present time, we rely upon much software that helps us to calculate and solve big problems. The software is assumed to be a convenient mode through which lots of mathematical issues can be solved. But you must use techniques that can help to calculate without the use of any software or tools. Now you can calculate percentage from SPI/CPI/ CGPA with no intervention of software’s. It is an updated calculator meant for the Gujarat Technological University students. The gtu cgpa to percentage is a great one. It has solved numerous problems within a less time.

Tips of converting CGPA to percentage for GTU:

CGPA to percentage for GTUFirstly SPI stands for Semester Performance Index. It is based upon the performance of the students during the semesters which is indicated in the grade card by the semester performance index or SPI.

The CPI is calculated with by a formula. However, for the sum being received over all the courses is taken in the semester as well as the other semesters. While the CPI is calculated any type of fail grade which the student has received but passes subsequently will be added after being replaced.

To carry out the calculation process the student have to calculate percentage from CPI/SPI/CGPA as mentioned in the marksheet. Now the students have to enter the CP.SPI percentage that will be calculated by using a formula. You must always try to follow and remember the formula. The formula is as follows:

%=(( SPI/CPI/CGPA) -0.5) *10

You need to follow this formula while calculating the marks. Apart from this, you need to have a clear conception on the subjects like CPI and CGPA.

What does CPI mean?

CPI stands for Cumulative Performance Index. It is simple. If you are pursuing a two-year course, the degree will be given based on the CPI or Cumulative Performance Index by considering all the four semesters. It is an essential part of the course.

On the other hand, a CGPA or Cumulative Grade Point Average is another essential thing. If you pursue a course the duration of which is four-year course, the degree will be given to the students based on the CGPA calculation of the last four semesters. For many cgpa to percentage Gtu assumes to be a tough subject. But if you once start with the process there is nothing tough or complicated with the matter.

It is simple and easy. If you have received 9.4 CGPA then the equal percentage will appear as 9.4 * 9.5=89.3%. The system has been introduced by the Gujarat Technological University. The education council has started following this process and they are getting habituated with the process. It will be good to know about the percentage slab of the marks.

Below 5.5 is pass class, 5.5 and above it is second class, 6.5 and above is first class and 7.1 and above it is presumed as first class with distinction. It is expected that with this system everything will be fair and good. It will bring positive impact in the education world.

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