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You must have heard about VTU or Vishveshwarya Technological University. It is a recognized university that offers variety of subjects for the aspiring students. The university also maintains a set of process for calculating the marks of the students in each semester. This helps the students to easily assess their academic results. The process of calculating the marks is so easy that anyone can do it. The university adopts a specific set of rules and process for calculating the marks. The university adopts CGPA or Semester Grade Point Average system for calculating the marks.

A complete overview on CGPA:

It will be good to know about CGPA system mode of examination. It is a process of academic performance of the student in the University during the semester. It is the ratio of total credit acquired by the students in each semester. It is simple and easy to calculate the CGPA of a student in each semester.

You can do it by adding the grade points of the main subjects and thereby excluding the other subjects. In the next step you have to divide the whole sum acquired by 5. In this way, you will get the exact CGPA. It is better if you get an example. This will make the whole thing clear. Take for example if you have received 7 CGPA in the 12th exam, then the total percentage of marks will be calculated as 7×9.5=66.5%. It is the main formula that is followed by the university officials.

Other facts about CGPA examination:

It is essential to know about other information on CGPA. In the present time, most of the assessments are based on grades. You will never the actual marks as it was given during the early days. Now the assessments are done differently by following some formulas. Take for example CGPA is one of the most essential formulas that are followed by most of the universities.

It is seen that many students also use CPGA calculators to assess their results. You can also take the help of an online CPGA calculator to carry out the calculation. At first you need to open the CGPA calculator. Now you need to enter the SGPA scores for semesters one to eight. You can leave the fields that have not yet been completed. Even the semesters are not yet completed you can leave it. At last you can click on the computer button of display to get the exact CGPA. It is the process that is possessed by most students and academicians. As per VTU if you have scored O its means outstanding. It means that you have scored 10. If it is S it means that you have scored 9 which is excellent. This is a great thing.

So it is assumed from the above-discussion that CGPA mode of calculation is suitable and good. It sounds great to adopt this calculation method. It is also expected that with this mode of assessment and calculation everything will be fair and great. It is being assessed by many educational institutes.

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