What is the Open Book Exam? – OPE

In the present time, you must be well aware of the concept of OPE or Open Book Exam. It is a system of examination in which the student is allowed to refer to either class notes or the summaries or other approved materials while answering the questions. It is a unique concept in which question papers are served to the students while they sit for the formal examination or they can complete it as a take-home exam. The demand of these types of exams is gradually increasing and many universities have already adopted this system. Delhi University has already tried this mode of examination.

Why do the institutes conduct these types of exams?

open book examThe main motive of this examination is to remove the concept of rote learning so that more superficial knowledge of learning can be introduced to the students. Another reason of applying this mode of examination is to check the analytical thinking policy of the students. It is one of the best ways to access the students. It is through this examination that you can check the thinking ability of the student.

In the case of normal examinations the students lose the ability to think and apply the same. They learn all the chapters by heart and vomit the same in the examination center. Through this mode, you cannot check the quality of the student. It is believed by many that Open Book Exam will not be an easy one. The student has to learn all the chapters with full attention so that they can answer from any part.

Many students are thinking that they will get the answers from the book which will help to write it down. However, in reality the examination will be a tough one. It will require good skills and knowledge.

A complete overview on Open Book Exam:

You must have a clear idea about the concept of open book exam. It is of two types. The first mode of open book exam is to sit down and access all the reference books and texts to get the answer. The second mode of exam is to take to your home the open book exam sheets and do the same at home. You have attempt the answers without any one help. If it is found that you have taken anything wrong the paper will be cancelled.

The questions available in an open book exam are more of analytical and critical mode. You have to logically think and answer the questions. The questions must be framed in such a manner so that it can be easily extracted from the book or any other documents. You have to do extensive research work and find the exact answer. If a student copies from the book it will be easily held.

Thus, the concept of open book examination is a good one which must be applied by all the educational institutes. Mere learning and appearing for the exam is not right. You need to have a proper and clear concept of the chapters and subjects.

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How to Convert CGPA to Percentage for GTU? – Leaninstitute.in

In the present time, we rely upon much software that helps us to calculate and solve big problems. The software is assumed to be a convenient mode through which lots of mathematical issues can be solved. But you must use techniques that can help to calculate without the use of any software or tools. Now you can calculate percentage from SPI/CPI/ CGPA with no intervention of software’s. It is an updated calculator meant for the Gujarat Technological University students. The gtu cgpa to percentage is a great one. It has solved numerous problems within a less time.

Tips of converting CGPA to percentage for GTU:

CGPA to percentage for GTUFirstly SPI stands for Semester Performance Index. It is based upon the performance of the students during the semesters which is indicated in the grade card by the semester performance index or SPI.

The CPI is calculated with by a formula. However, for the sum being received over all the courses is taken in the semester as well as the other semesters. While the CPI is calculated any type of fail grade which the student has received but passes subsequently will be added after being replaced.

To carry out the calculation process the student have to calculate percentage from CPI/SPI/CGPA as mentioned in the marksheet. Now the students have to enter the CP.SPI percentage that will be calculated by using a formula. You must always try to follow and remember the formula. The formula is as follows:

%=(( SPI/CPI/CGPA) -0.5) *10

You need to follow this formula while calculating the marks. Apart from this, you need to have a clear conception on the subjects like CPI and CGPA.

What does CPI mean?

CPI stands for Cumulative Performance Index. It is simple. If you are pursuing a two-year course, the degree will be given based on the CPI or Cumulative Performance Index by considering all the four semesters. It is an essential part of the course.

On the other hand, a CGPA or Cumulative Grade Point Average is another essential thing. If you pursue a course the duration of which is four-year course, the degree will be given to the students based on the CGPA calculation of the last four semesters. For many cgpa to percentage Gtu assumes to be a tough subject. But if you once start with the process there is nothing tough or complicated with the matter.

It is simple and easy. If you have received 9.4 CGPA then the equal percentage will appear as 9.4 * 9.5=89.3%. The system has been introduced by the Gujarat Technological University. The education council has started following this process and they are getting habituated with the process. It will be good to know about the percentage slab of the marks.

Below 5.5 is pass class, 5.5 and above it is second class, 6.5 and above is first class and 7.1 and above it is presumed as first class with distinction. It is expected that with this system everything will be fair and good. It will bring positive impact in the education world.

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Top 5 Most Toughest Exam in India

It is believed that to get a better job, you have to crack exams. It is the screening and gateway to a perfect job. In India, several competitive examinations are held every year. Lakhs of students from various corners of India come and appear for the exam. Do you know why? They want to get a better and secured job. It is only possible by cracking competitive exams. Most Government recruitments are made through competitive examinations. You can come across a list of toughest exam in India. You must have proper information about these exams.

List of Top 5 Most Toughest Exam in India

most toughest exam in indiaIn this part, you will learn about a list of toughest exams in India. A brief discussion will make everything clear.

#1 UPSC or Civil Service Examination:

The other name of Civil Service Examination is IAS or UPSC examination. It is an exam that is conducted to select the civil aspirants of the country. Candidates are selected to the posts like IAS, IPS, IFS and many other ones. The exam is conducted in two ways. One is the preliminary one and the second one is the main one. If you do not qualify for the preliminary you cannot sit for the main examination. The first part is done for screening the students. The mode of examination is through MCQ. The main exam comprises of nine papers and they are descriptive ones.

#2 National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test:

It is another tough exam that is conducted every year in several of India. It is an entrance examination for the medical students or who want to study medical. Anyone who is from science background and have completed the 10+2 level can appear for the exam. Once you qualify for the exam you will be eligible to study medical in any reputed colleges of India.

#3 GATE or Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering:

This examination is conducted to select the candidates for Engineering, architecture, technology subjects. If you qualify for the test you can pursue further studies in these subjects. You can also complete your post graduation from the elite Indian Institutes like IIT’s and IIM’s. The Gate score is valid for two years. You can take admission within two years after qualifying the test. You have ample options once you clear the GATE exam.

#4 CLAT (Common Law Entrance Test)

CLAT or Common Law Entrance Test is the exam conducted for students who want to take law as their future studies. Every year the exam is conducted in various parts of India. You have to crack the common test to get admission to an elite college. On completing the five-year Law course, you will get vast opportunities. The exam is tough and you need to prepare in the best possible manner.

#5 NDA (National Defence Academy)

NDA or National Defence Academy is counted among the list of toughest examinations that is conducted twice a year. It is conducted one in the month of April and again in September. If you qualify for the exam you can pursue your career with Army, Navy and Air Force. It is a written test followed by a psycho aptitude test, intelligence test and interview session.

Thus, these are some of the toughest Indian examinations conducted every year to screen the best ones from the list.

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How to Calculate CGPA in VTU? – Detail Guide – Lean Institute

You must have heard about VTU or Vishveshwarya Technological University. It is a recognized university that offers variety of subjects for the aspiring students. The university also maintains a set of process for calculating the marks of the students in each semester. This helps the students to easily assess their academic results. The process of calculating the marks is so easy that anyone can do it. The university adopts a specific set of rules and process for calculating the marks. The university adopts CGPA or Semester Grade Point Average system for calculating the marks.

A complete overview on CGPA:

It will be good to know about CGPA system mode of examination. It is a process of academic performance of the student in the University during the semester. It is the ratio of total credit acquired by the students in each semester. It is simple and easy to calculate the CGPA of a student in each semester.

You can do it by adding the grade points of the main subjects and thereby excluding the other subjects. In the next step you have to divide the whole sum acquired by 5. In this way, you will get the exact CGPA. It is better if you get an example. This will make the whole thing clear. Take for example if you have received 7 CGPA in the 12th exam, then the total percentage of marks will be calculated as 7×9.5=66.5%. It is the main formula that is followed by the university officials.

Other facts about CGPA examination:

It is essential to know about other information on CGPA. In the present time, most of the assessments are based on grades. You will never the actual marks as it was given during the early days. Now the assessments are done differently by following some formulas. Take for example CGPA is one of the most essential formulas that are followed by most of the universities.

It is seen that many students also use CPGA calculators to assess their results. You can also take the help of an online CPGA calculator to carry out the calculation. At first you need to open the CGPA calculator. Now you need to enter the SGPA scores for semesters one to eight. You can leave the fields that have not yet been completed. Even the semesters are not yet completed you can leave it. At last you can click on the computer button of display to get the exact CGPA. It is the process that is possessed by most students and academicians. As per VTU if you have scored O its means outstanding. It means that you have scored 10. If it is S it means that you have scored 9 which is excellent. This is a great thing.

So it is assumed from the above-discussion that CGPA mode of calculation is suitable and good. It sounds great to adopt this calculation method. It is also expected that with this mode of assessment and calculation everything will be fair and great. It is being assessed by many educational institutes.

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What is Handwritten Declaration in IBPS? – IBPS Bank Exam

You must know about IBPS or Institute of Banking Personnel Selection test. It is a test or examination conducted by all the banks collectively. The candidates are placed or recruited in the banks as per their marks and grades obtained in the IBPS examination. The IBPS exam is held every year. The forms are available from September till October. You need to download the form from the respective website. Once the downloading is completed you need to fill it up with all the correct information’s. Any false information will lead to the cancellation of the form.

What is the role of handwritten declaration in IBPS examination?

ibpsIt is a mandatory declaration that must be given by all the candidates. Without it, the form remains to be incomplete. If it is written by anyone other than the candidate, the whole declaration stands incomplete. You must be well aware of the hand written declaration before filling the form and submitting the same. You must remember some essential points while writing the declaration.

  • The declaration should be written in English language and in no other local languages. This is mandatory.
  • The declaration should be written on a clean white paper.
  • You should always use a black ink while writing the declaration.
  • The applicant themselves should write the declaration. No one else should write it under any situation.
  • Once the declaration is written it should be scanned in jpeg format.
  • The dimension of the writing should be 800×400 pixels. You must try to maintain this dimension.

You have to maintain all the above-mentioned points. In case if you miss any one of them your declaration will be declared as invalid. Just remember all the points while writing the declaration.

How to upload the declaration on the website?

It is another vital question that may arise in your mind while uploading the document. You will get a separate link in which you have to upload the declaration. If you click on the link you will get it. Each student will have separate links for uploading the declaration. So, once you finish the matter of declaration you need to click on the link. Now browse the computer and find the place or folder where you have stored the document. You can also save it in any drive. If you do not get it, you can click on the search option. Click on the open part and upload the same.

If required you can also preview the document while submitting. This will protect you from making mistakes. In case if you have any issues you can immediately change it and make the correct one. You must check that the image quality is good. It is another vital point to be checked.

So, handwritten declaration is something that holds a crucial part in IBPS examination. Every year a lot of candidates appear before the exam. Once they crack it, they get a suitable job in a bank. You need to be very careful while providing the handwritten declaration for the exam.

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